External Causes of Fatal Injuries
ICD-10 Groupings
Cause of Injury ICD-10 Groupings
Unintentional - All injury V01–X59, Y85–Y86
Unintentional - Cut or pierce W25–W29, W45, W46
Unintentional - Drowning W65-W74
Unintentional - Fall W00-W19
Unintentional - Fire or hot object or substance X00-X19
Unintentional - Fire or flame X00-X09
Unintentional - Hot object or substance X10-X19
Unintentional - Firearm W32-W34
Unintentional - Machinery W24, W30-W31
Unintentional - All transport V01-V99
Unintentional - Motor vehicle traffic [V02-V04](.1,.9), V09.2, [V12-V14](.3-.9),
V19(.4-.6), [V20-V28](.3-.9), [V29-V79](.4-.9),
V80(.3-.5), V81.1, V82.1, [V83-V86](.0-.3),
V87(.0-.8), V89.2
Unintentional - Natural or environment W42-W43, W53-W64, W92-W99,
X20-X39, X51-X57
Unintentional - Overexertion X50
Unintentional - Poisoning X40-X49
Unintentional - Struck by or against W20-W22, W50-W52
Unintentional - Suffocation W75-W84
Unintentional - Other specified, classifiable W23, W35-W41, W44, W49, W85-W91, Y85
Unintentional - Other specified, not elsewhere classified X58, Y86
Unintentional - Unspecified X59
Suicide - All injury *U03, X60-X84, Y87.0
Suicide - Cut or pierce X78
Suicide - Drowning X71
Suicide - Fall X80
Suicide - Fire or hot object or substance X76-X77
Suicide - Fire or flame X76
Suicide - Hot object or substance X77
Suicide - Firearm X72-X74
Suicide - All transport X82
Suicide - Poisoning X60-X69
Suicide - Struck by or against X79
Suicide - Suffocation X70
Suicide - Other specified, classifiable *U03.0, X75, X81
Suicide - Other specified, not elsewhere classified X83, Y87.0
Suicide - Unspecified *U03.9, X84
Homicide - All injury *U01-*U02, X85-Y09, Y87.1
Homicide - Cut or pierce X99
Homicide - Drowning X92
Homicide - Fall Y01
Homicide - Fire or hot object or substance *U01.3, X97-X98
Homicide - Fire or flame X97
Homicide - Hot object or substance X98
Homicide - Firearm *U01.4, X93-X95
Homicide - All transport *U01.1, Y03
Homicide - Poisoning *U01(.6-.7), X85-X90
Homicide - Struck by or against Y00, Y04
Homicide - Suffocation X91
Homicide - Other specified, classifiable *U01(.0,.2,.5), X96, Y02, Y05-Y07
Homicide - Other specified, not elsewhere classified *U01.8, *U02, Y08, Y87.1
Homicide - Unspecified *U01.9, Y09
Legal Intervention/War - All injury Y35-Y36, Y89(.0,.1)
Legal Intervention/War - Cut or pierce Y35.4
Legal Intervention/War - Fire or hot object or substance Y36.3
Legal Intervention/War - Firearm Y35.0
Legal Intervention/War - All transport Y36.1
Legal Intervention/War - Poisoning Y35.2
Legal Intervention/War - Struck by or against Y35.3
Legal Intervention/War - Other specified, classifiable Y35(.1,.5), Y36(.0,.2,.4-.8)
Legal Intervention/War - Other specified, not elsewhere classified Y35.6, Y89(.0-.1)
Legal Intervention/War - Unspecified Y35.7, Y36.9
Undetermined - All injury Y10-Y34, Y87.2, Y89.9
Undetermined - Cut or pierce Y28
Undetermined - Drowning Y21
Undetermined - Fall Y30
Undetermined - Fire or hot object or substance Y26-Y27
Undetermined - Fire or flame Y26
Undetermined - Hot object or substance Y27
Undetermined - Firearm Y22-Y24
Undetermined - All transport Y32
Undetermined - Poisoning Y10-Y19
Undetermined - Struck by or against Y29
Undetermined - Suffocation Y20
Undetermined - Other specified, classifiable Y25, Y31
Undetermined - Other specified, not elsewhere classified Y33, Y87.2
Undetermined - Unspecified Y34, Y89.9


Source: National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), CDC. Injury Data and Resources. The NCHS provides a more detailed version of this table: External cause-of-injury mortality matrix based on ICD-10 external cause of injury codes.