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Keeping Michigan Healthy

Fatal Injuries

Injury and Violence in Michigan Burden Report

Injury and Violence Prevention

For information regarding injury and violence prevention, MiVDRS, Prescription Drug Overdose prevention, Safe Kids Michgan, Sexual Violence Prevention and Suicide prevention please go to the Injury and Violence Prevention Section .

State Fatal Injury Statistics

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Opioid Drug Overdoses

County and District Fatality Statistics

Fatal Injury Causes and Trends

ICD-10 Groupings for Fatal Injuries

Other Fatal Injury Websites

Data Requests

To request fatal injuries data that are not available from this web site, please E-mail your request to Lindsey Myers at [email protected].

Written requests should be sent to:

Lindsey Myers
Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
333 S. Grand Ave.
Lansing MI, 48933

Web Site

If you have questions, problems or comments about this web site, please contact Glenn Radford by E-mail at [email protected].

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