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Keeping Michigan Healthy

Michigan Historical Data

In 2008, the Vital Statistics Section converted its older health statistics annuals into Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files. Annuals published between 1950 through 1998 can be downloaded below. After 1998, excel worksheets of health statistics annuals are provided instead.

(e.g. 1950,1954, 1963-1964)


  1. The original owners typically left handwritten notes and other markings in the older health statistics annuals. Though care was taken to find annuals in the best condition and without such markings, in most cases, none could be found. The reader is advised to ignore markings that are not part of the original publication.
  2. Between 1950-1967, annuals were published in color. Care should be taken in interpretting charts and graphs converted from color to black and white.

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