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Keeping Michigan Healthy

Birth Defects

Michigan's Genetic Resource Center

For information regarding birth defects prevention, health services, newborn screening and public policy, go to the Michigan's Genetics Resource Center .


Community Birth Defects Cases

Childhood Mortality by Time to Death & Birth Year

Birth Defects by Diagnosis Six-year Counts & Rates

Birth Defect Trends

Infant Deaths of Children with Birth Defects by Diagnosis

Birth Defect Code Groups

Other Birth Defect Websites

Birth Defect Health Statistics Reports

Data Requests

To request birth defects data that are not available from this web site, please call (517) 335-9075 or FAX your requests to (517) 335-9075. Requests can also be E-mailed to

Written requests should be sent to:

Glenn Radford
Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
333 S. Grand Ave.
P.O. Box 30691
Lansing MI, 48933

Web Site

If you have questions, problems or comments about this web site, please contact Glenn Radford by E-mail at or by phone at (517) 335-9075.

Last Updated August 24, 2020

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